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Attention teen writers ages 13-19 years old! 

Submit your short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, or graphic fiction to our summer series themed Tails + Tales. Since 805 is published by a public library, this series is inspired by the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s 2021 summer reading theme, Tails and Tales. Each piece must incorporate the word tail or tale in some way, even if subtle. 

Submissions are open until July 18th but please submit work sooner for a chance to be published this summer. Submit up to five works in a single submission. Flash/micro writing is highly encouraged. 

Before submitting, read our publishing agreement:

By submitting your work(s), you and your legal guardian are agreeing to the outlined terms:
I, the undersigned author/artist, confirm that the work(s) submitted to 805 is original, of my composition, and as of this date unpublished in any format including book, journal, magazine, website, or social media.
I grant 805 first world electronic rights to publish the work(s) online in a digital format. I grant permission for the work(s) to remain indefinitely on 805’s website, the Manatee County Public Library System (MCPLS) website, OverDrive ebooks website, social media and any other digital archive 805 might use.    
I grant 805 the right to use my work in promotional materials including but not limited to print and digital adds, bookmarks, posters, flyers, business cards, email blasts, etc.
I acknowledge that 805 gives permission for the issue containing my work(s) to be freely distributed for educational purposes and printed by individuals.
I acknowledge that 805 does not monetarily compensate contributors for their work(s). I agree to any and all editorial alterations and abridgments including, but not limited to, re-formatting, grammatical correction, and cropping.
I grant 805 the non-exclusive anthology rights to my work(s) and understand that the work(s) might be selected for an 805 print anthology. I grant 805 permission to nominate my work(s) for literary and arts prizes and awards, and I understand that such possible nominations may result in my work(s) being published by awards committees and organizations and thus subject to their publication requirements, which is not established within this agreement.
I agree that if my work(s) is published elsewhere after publication in 805, I will cite 805 as the first publisher.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.